Why Pyrium needed to happen.

3 min readAug 9, 2021
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Venture capital is broken.

The traditional funding system we have relied on to scale innovation has not been inclusive of our needs as a diverse community. Instead, it has created a closed system that rewards legacy networks, social status, gender, and even a certain skin color. As a result, we as a global society have been denied equitable representation in the market, and in the wake of a difficult year of pandemic and social unrest, it is time for a change.

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Our Response to a Broken System: Pyrium

Pyrium is an investor community made up of regular people looking to back today’s revolutionary innovators. It is a marketplace where investors, non-accredited and accredited alike, can buy debt and equity in private companies. We want communities to have the opportunity to back entrepreneurs building for them. We are supporting entrepreneurs who have historically found it difficult to raise capital in a restrictive, legacy-networked venture ecosystem, and to have the ability to access capital from those who understand the problem’s they’re solving. And lastly, we are contributing to the construction of a new social ecosystem — one whose enterprises invest in people.

At Pyrium, we are:

creating wealth building opportunities through direct investment for everyone,

committed to bringing access to capital to entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, and

supporting sustainable impact everywhere.

What made it possible.

In 2012, President Barack Obama entered into law Title 3 of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act which allowed private companies to sell equity to the crowd but more specifically, allowed those who did not meet the accredited investor criteria (called non-accredited investors) to invest in private companies. Title 3 of the JOBS Act went into effect in 2016, and since then, the market has been growing significantly.

Why it matters.

For years, traditional venture capitalists have been the gatekeepers to scaling innovation. They fund the companies that produce the products and services we all use everyday. Unfortunately, those gatekeepers have become pretty homogenous in their backgrounds and lived experiences, and that can make it difficult to identify opportunity areas outside of their experience base. Our global market deserves to have inclusive representation in innovation, entrepreneurs, and investors. And that’s where Pyrium comes in.

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What you can expect in the upcoming days.

At this very moment, everyone should join the Pyrium Investor Community on Discord to learn how to do your own startup investing, connect with other investors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok for daily knowledge drops, access to professional and celebrity investors, and news and market trends to help you shape your investment strategy.

Second, go to our website (pyrium.co) and sign up for early access to our investor literacy program dropping in the next month. There, you’ll be able to access our full course on how to be your own VC from evaluating deals to understanding term sheets and so on. At the end, you’ll have a complete profile of who you are as an investor and a plan of action to get you started on your investment portfolio.

We’re here to bring wealth building opportunities to everyone through direct investment. We’re working to build the new normal. OUR new normal.

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Connect with us.

Join our Pyrium Investor Community here to connect with fellow investors and learn more about investing in startups.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok for learning nuggets, market trends, and opportunities.

This is not investment advise and shouldn’t be taken as so. Please always do your research and diligence.




Pyrium is a startup investor community made up of regular people of all backgrounds. We work together to back tomorrow’s change makers today. Social @joinpyrium